Executive Event Planning
& Execution

With a passion for planning, combined with the pursuit of success for every event, the aim of Ortiz & Co. is to achieve your goals at every event and make the experience one to remember.

Services Provided

Site Selection & Venue Management

We understand that choosing the perfect destination and venue for your event can be challenging and somewhat nerve-racking. Isn’t it, after all, always about...

Event & Meeting Management

Ortiz & Co. is prepared to support your teams with full event & meeting management. From managing the entire program to a-la-carte services, we have you covered.

Onsite Support Specialist

After you plan the perfect event, the last thing you want is for your attendees to be disappointed or have a less-than-perfect time. Let alone walk away and tell others what their experience was like.

Virtual & Hybrid Production

Face-to-face meetings and interactions will continue to be valuable and necessary. However, we’ve also learned that virtual is not going away, and can be just as vital and advantageous to our day-to-day relationships and business successes.

Promotional Branded Products

Allow your event inspiration to flow by utilizing promotional branded products that leave a long-lasting impression on your attendees.

Why Choose Ortiz&Co.?

We plan, you meet.

Want to know how Ortiz & Co. can support your events and collaborate with your teams? Schedule a no-commitment, free-of-charge consultation to find out more about our services, and together we can execute an event full of successes.