Virtual & Hybrid Production

Face-to-face meetings and interactions will continue to be valuable and necessary. However, we’ve also learned that virtual is not going away, and can be just as vital and advantageous to our day-to-day relationships and business successes.

Clients have agreed that virtual events have increased their attendance by reaching an audience that would have otherwise not been able to attend the in-person events. In addition, they have also been able to reduce costs by saving thousands towards their yearly budgets.

Virtual Services:

  • Hybrid / virtual events
  • Virtual platform provider
  • Studio coordinator
  • Production services
  • Script writing
  • Pre & post editing
  • Remote records
  • Video and audio kit rentals
  • Webinars & web conferences
  • Webcasts

Virtual Capabilities:

  • Live & recorded sessions
  • Virtual management
  • Chat rooms
  • Networking
  • Branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Engagement; push notifications, live Q&A, polling, surveys, social media

So how do you make great use of the virtual space for your attendees without feeling detached or far away? Along with our professional partners, allow Ortiz & Co. to walk you through the process and assist to determine the best option for your needs.